Going Waste Free – is it really that difficult?

Me and my girlfriend made one the best decisions of our lives back in January (2017).

We adopted a plant-based diet.

We’ve never felt better and it really opened our eyes to the suffering of other beings.

It’s safe to say my compassion and love of animals has grown much stronger since we made the switch. Appreciating and respecting all animals desire to live a happy, healthy life is both empowering and life-changing. Recently, we’ve found that this desire to do good for the planet has expanded into other avenues.

Firstly we’re in the process of making all our products Cruelty free, it takes time to research and find products you love as much as the old ones but so did switching diets. Plus, once you’ve found these products and the places to buy them, you don’t have to do the work again. AND you can teach others that want to do the same thing.

Secondly, and this is a more recent realisation, we are investigating the possibility of transitioning to as many ‘waste-free’ products as possible.

What is ‘waste-free’?

As I understand it, being waste free means that you do not buy any products that have packaging that can’t be reused, recycled or isn’t bio degradable. Basically anything that contributes to the mass waste we have on this planet.

How difficult is it?

Well, I imagine living a completely waste free life at this stage is going to be difficult, there’s a lot to learn. However 3 things that we’re going to do here sound like a great place to start.

1. Switching to Re-fillable Products

What do I mean by this? Well, near us I recently discovered a health foods store that also sold a bunch of cleaning products. You take along a container (or buy one from the shop) and fill it up. You only pay for what you need. Then when you run out, bring in your bottle and refill it! It sounds simple and for us it’s one of the first steps we’re going to take.

waste free cleaning products

2. Buy foods that require no packaging

Shop at your local markets and chuck the food into your own bags or Tupperware! Places like Holland and Barrett have whole foods such as nuts which you can just pick up what you want. No pre-packaging necessary!

Holland and Barrett fruit and nuts.jpg

3. Make that bag last for life

Invest in one of those expensive cheap hemp bags for life and USE it every time you shop!



I guess choosing to eat a plant-based diet has switched out mindset to a more compassionate one and we not only care for the animals now, but for the earth itself. It’s a living being too. We choose to shy away from the damage we do to animals and our planet, which is what we’re accustomed to. But I don’t think there’s any excuse now (saying this to myself too) with the internet and the wealth of information we have available, to not make changes. Whether it’s all-in, or a step at a time. We can all do our part.


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