A Galaxy in Their Eyes

It’s been a long time since I felt I had a “contact” dream. This is where I am consciously aware of a communication that I’ve had with other beings.

I realise that the words I’ll be using in this post (such as “beings” above), may be construe in a particular way – that I’m talking to aliens. Well in truth, yes, I am haha! But if I was to change this and say that I was talking to my nan that passed away and that she gave me some wisdom – would that be viewed differently?

I challenge you to think beyond the terminology and stereotypes given to certain phrases, because ask yourself, why do you think that way? Were you born knowing that we’re the only life form in the universe – or were you told that? What if you had other experiences that conflicted scientific belief – would you choose to believe yourself – or them?

Anyway, I only remember flickers of this dream. I’ll do my best to explain what I remember from my rough notes.

In one scene I saw a giant spacecraft (about the size of a skyscraper) approach the planet (I don’t know if this was earth, I do remember it was dark – night time though).

It was a Trapezoid shape, only less subtle, and a stripe that protruded outwards on one side. This was a viewing window and had flashing bright lights across it. It was very sci fi and the first time I had seen more detail in a ship before. Others remain fuzzy but if I close my eyes I can still see the detail.

Here’s a rough drawing I did when I woke up.

(This is how it landed. The viewing window or “observation deck” stuck out from the rest and had flashing lights across it)

This is how it landed, as it approached it was the other way up and then as it was about to land it turned upside down and sat as shown above.

This was because the entrance/exit to the ship was through that section. Now I think about it, makes sense that it would be closer to the window and “observation deck” of the craft.

Plastic Problem

The next scene I remember was me sitting with a small being, about 3-4 feet tall and they looked similar to a child. They acted a little like one too, but not in the immature way, in a more pure way. They seemed very innocent.

They had plastic containers all around them, they were inside each other like Russian dolls and I can remember him (? – feels like a masculine energy) taking one container of another then another being inside that until he was just surrounded by plastic.

There were no words uttered, just the feeling or upset and frustration. I perceive this now as a reminder of the plastic problem on Earth at this time. That I could be doing more to help spread awareness and practice ways that reduce the use of (especially single use) plastics.

This whole scene felt like a bit of a classroom environment (I’ve had this feeling before in dreams, it doesn’t feel like you’re back at school, more like gaining wisdom, knowledge and awareness).

Reflecting Galaxies

The dream cut to a close up of these beautiful wise beings looking in my direction but off to one side. They looked similar to Arcturians, although I hesitate to say that because there’s infinite amount of races out there and we at this time seem to gravitate towards just a few. But these were the closest in appearance that I could relate to.

(This is an example image of an Arcturian from Vashta Art. This was not the being, but the closest I could fine to what it looked similar to. I ordered a commission from Vashta in the past and she is such a beautiful person. To see her work click the image or click here)

This image I have of them is difficult to put into words, because whatever I say will simply not do them justice. It was like looking at a 4k brilliantly colourful bright image, only x100000.

The clarity and brilliance were unlike anything we could perceive on this planet at this time.

The first thing that struck me was their eyes, they were a deep black with purple hint and in there I saw entire galaxies of stars. It was a beautiful reflection of the universe and I was spell bounded. I remember being absolutely lost in their beauty and even now if I think about it I get taken back there. I perceived 3 beings there but could only see one in detailed view.

They had a light coloured skin, silver-greyish again with a purple tint, not all over. They had small limbs and wore dark robes. They felt very knowledgable, wise. Authoritative but not condescending – more parental in nature.

The intuitive nature of this race was huge, there was telepathic communication between us. I was picking up that I was someone that they wanted so much to “enter the fold”, but I almost had to prove myself to them. That I was ready to be initiated. They told me that I could relate to that feeling.

As I read my notes I realise I’ve written that it was not so much being initiated but a feeling of “coming home”.

That, I can relate to much much more.

Now that I relive the dream, I can integrate the experience much better, writing up the rough notes gives way to more detail not initially remembered.

I needed this experience, and that’s why it happened.

Feeling very grateful 🙏

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