It’s hard to change.

Actually, the changing part is quite easy. It's accepting the change that's hard. The frustrating thing is, we're constantly changing, aren't we? The world is changing, we're changing. We're ever growing, expanding, evolving. So it means we're thrown the challenges of change regularly. Recently I have become super self aware of when things are changing … Continue reading It’s hard to change.

Telling 9th July 2018

Take a break! That's all. No just kidding, there's more to tell. Although it really is that simple. I heard a great word today that affected me: Permission. When we give ourselves permission to do something, it means we allow it. There's no resistance, we've accepted that it's allowed. Over the weekend just gone I … Continue reading Telling 9th July 2018

Looking at the Future with Fond Memories

How often do you reflect on the past? Every week, every day? When we meet up with friends we often refer to past memories, experiences and events, reminiscing about the "good old days". With¬†Facebook and Timehop we're reminded daily of photos we've taken and statuses we have written. We all like looking at old photos … Continue reading Looking at the Future with Fond Memories

Nothing Happens TO You, it Happens FOR You

Big statement huh? Hard¬†to believe? If you think about it, how many times can you recall an event or situation that appeared¬†"bad" that at the time, but shortly after, became a massive positive? One that makes you say "I'm actually really glad that happened". It's just like the saying "every cloud has a silver lining". … Continue reading Nothing Happens TO You, it Happens FOR You