Notes on Karma from 2016?!

I “accidentally” came across this note in my phone. I say “accidentally” because is anything really by accident?

I wrote this on 10th December 2016 and well, I think I wrote it.. but I can’t be sure because it’s pretty profound and I’m pretty impressed with myself if I did 🀣. I could have copied it from somewhere? Either way, here it is (just a little screenshot first to prove it was actually that long ago):


Karma is used to grow. When you are in a “negative” state of mind or going through a bad experience over and over again, it is because there is more to be gained from the experience.

If you are in a cycle of having bad experiences then there is more to be learned from it in order for you to grow. This is either resolving karma or helping to understand karma.

Once you have had enough of an experience or negative pattern and you say “that’s it! I’ve had enough!” Then you’ve already grown, you’ve already broadened your perspective enough to separate from the experience and observe.

Once you are the observer you can choose to detach from the experience or (sometimes unwillingly) enter back into the situation (if there is more to be gained).

Your higher self is aware of this and is always guiding you to help get he most knowledge and experience from the situation. It is always in your best interest to understand that even “negative” experiences serve a positive purpose. It is for your greater knowledge and growth that they happen. Our higher self can see the board game, where as we are the pieces on the board.

Karma is there as long as you need it to be, when it doesn’t serve a purpose or you’ve gained enough from it, you can choose to let it go. You don’t need it anymore.

If it is time where you evolve your thinking beyond karma then you can start to embrace and accept everyone’s experiences for what they are – a pattern for growth.

There can be no judgment. Enjoy and be in awe that you are able to watch these experiences fold out before you.

There is so much to be learned from everyone around you, their experiences, their emotions. This knowledge is for the whole, for source. You feel their emotions, almost as if they are your own experiences. This is why you are here.

A sensitivity to everyone’s emotions on an empathic level is a gift, a gift of knowledge and growth. Learn from everyone’s feelings and how they make you feel. Observe.

You are not losing by feeling negativity, you are gaining, gaining knowledge to resolve karma and grow.

Bad = Growth

“Bad” Experiences = More knowledge

Risks = Wisdom

Brb just going to go through more of my notes for more pearls of wisdom πŸ˜‚πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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