Lessons from Quarantine

Right now, the entire world is pretty much on lockdown.

It’s mad isn’t it?

To think this could be the first time, as far as we know, that the entire planet is in quarantine.

I don’t want to talk about the virus and all the fear that surrounds it. I just felt like writing a post on what I’ve observed and learned during this time.

1. People are United

For the first time as we may remember, everyone has something in common. It’s strange that something which keeps us indoors way from others actually brings everyone together.

Clapping for the NHS every Thursday is becoming a regular thing now. And I don’t know about anyone else but when I step outside and hear all the cheers and noise, I get shivers.

Can you imagine the uplifting effects something like that has on the country? I’ve never felt very patriotic about being British, but on Thursday’s at 8pm, I feel it.

British people are known to go on about the weather, it changes so frequently that it’s always provided us a topic for discussion – opening dialogs with strangers or breaking awkward silences, the weather has always been there to fall back on. Well now we all have something else to talk about.

Sending well wishes to friends and family, telling them we love them and appreciate them, is becoming routine. How lovely is that?

People on the streets are smiling at each other, respecting each others distances and saying hello.


Saying hello to each other..

In Britain?


Everyone is in the same boat, everyone has something in common.

Everyone is united.

2. People are Creating

With a lot of people staying at home, unable to work or go out to socialise, means that people have got more spare time on their hands.

Lots are re-discovering things they loved to do. Lots are learning new skills and expressing themselves. Just look at so many videos that are being shared of people at home making videos, entertaining themselves (and us!).

There’s a surge of creativity – people are singing, dancing, writing, drawing and sharing it with the world. What this situation’s done is remove a lot of distractions from people’s lives so that they can do things they enjoy.

And I really hope it continues, that when people go back to normal, they prioritise being creative as part of their lives.

3. Businesses are Changing

It seems to me that majority of people are working from home right now. Unless they’re essential workers and have to travel, they now have a set up from home.

A lot of businesses before this would have refused to have their staff work from home, now they don’t have a choice. And I wonder what effect that will have moving forward. When this is over, are we going to see more businesses operating WFH (working from home) policies one day a week, 2 days, full time?!

Of course there are challenges working from home and it’s not the same as being in the same office, I’m sure many miss that social interaction, but nonetheless it will be interesting to see what happens after this. I know many are loving not having to commute and spend time at home with their families (even with children running around going crazy!).

4. People are Learning

Having all this time to ourselves is an opportunity to grow, change and work out areas of our lives that weren’t clicking. To reflect on our lives. To complete unfinished projects. To finally pick up that guitar that was gathering dust, or that art set we got 2 Christmases ago and never opened.

Not just this but people are taking online courses and learning new skills, they’re reading books about subjects they’re passionate about.

I believe we’re realising what’s important to us. And for everyone it’s something different, but we’re discovering it.

We’re pretty much being forced to take a look in the mirror.

And that doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

Sure we can spend our time binging shows and podcasts, and that’s okay for some of the time. But we’re humans and I think it’s human nature to grow and evolve.

I believe that we would all get restless and bored just watching TV eventually and end up craving doing something productive or creative.

And it’s in that moment that we start asking ourselves questions:

What else can I do?

What have I been putting off?

What would I like to do that I couldn’t before?

5. People are Exercising

When the government restricts leaving your house, wouldn’t you make the most of being outdoors?

It’s been amazing to see the amount of runners, cyclists and people going for long walks to get their exercise on a daily basis. Many are exercising in their own homes too – in their living rooms or gardens.

Isn’t that great?

Again, there’s less distractions, people have time to thing and turn their attention to things that make them feel good. And generally speaking, I believe people are turning to the positives, the things that make them feel good, that improve themselves.

6. The Planet is Cleaner

With less cars on the road and planes grounded, pollution levels have dropped dramatically. Think of just 1 day with no planes in the sky and what good that does to the planet!

I see posts on social media about seas and rivers appearing clearer and wildlife showing up in places it never has before.

We’re giving the planet a chance to heal, to get a break from the things we do to damage it.

It makes me wonder what other positive effects we’ll see from this in the long term.


In these crazy times, I see a lot of positives emerging through.

I realise it’s a traumatic and scary time for a lot of people, but if we can turn our attention inwards and focus on what we can do for for others, for ourselves, then this wouldn’t have been for nothing.

We have tremendous love, compassion and creation within us all. Perhaps with the day to day distractions taken away, we can see what more we are capable of.

And that’s a lot.

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