A Dream about the land of Nogoku

Last night (8th August 2019) I put on a Jason Stephenson Past Life Regression meditation before I went to sleep. I’m sure there’s thousands of us there that use his dulcet tones to fall asleep too and last night for me was no different. I never expect to get much through his meditations (sometimes within minutes I’m gone) but last night I was able to get a little way through and into a couple of visualisation exercises before I could hear myself snoring (which is a creeping feeling).

Pre-Meditation Experience

The visualisations I saw have no relevance (I think?!) to the land of Nogoku and my dreams that night but was still pretty cool. When the visualisation part of the meditation started I could see myself running through a deep forest and I started feeling pressure around my third eye. This is a really awesome feeling that I feel lucky to get fairly regularly in meditation. I was a girl or young woman in a white flow-y dress down to my knees. There was no one else around and I was just exploring. It felt peaceful, I was barefoot and could feel the grass and Earth beneath my feet.

It was a pretty vivid experience and that’s where my memory starts to fade (possibly because I started to drift off – I guess I didn’t get much through this meditation after all). The thing is with experiences like this, if I don’t write things down as soon as they’ve happened, they’re pretty much gone. Which is the only reason I managed to get the rest of what I’m about to write about. It was about 5am this morning and I was just coming to from the dream and so I immediately started writing notes in my phone. So here we go, here’s the really obscure dream I had about the land of Nogoku.

Post Meditation/Dream State

As with most of the notes I write down, these events are likely not to be in chronological order. I literally vomited out these notes so I’ll try and put some order to them as a compile them into this post.

The first thing was the name of this land, it was on Earth or felt very strongly of this Earth’s vibration. The name I got was Nogoku, or it might have been spelled Nagoku. I’ll go into more of what this place looked like but what really stood out in my head was the map, the visual I got from about.

I saw a map of the area, but more like the map of nearly the continent. So I saw where Nogoku was and what was around it. Nogoku was almost an Island, it was connected to the mainland via a small strip of land but otherwise was surrounded by sea. I kept calling it an Island in my dream even though I could clearly see from above that it wasn’t (go figure!).

There was a joke in the dream (and this is about to sound really odd) that it was 30km East of Stockholm (weird right). This is also weird because the map from above looked literally nothing like Sweden and the surrounding area and the climate was nothing like Sweden AT ALL.


The information I was getting as I was looking at the map from above is that this was a time where the whole Earth was tilted on it’s axis. So there were countries that were completely all over the place. China was up near the pole and so was the UK (I wish I could just manipulate a map to show you and cut and drag countries around). It was super weird but the important thing to note that this land of Nogoku was HOT and not at all near the poles where as other countries that currently aren’t – were.


Nogoku was a hot country/land/place. The sea was the most beautiful clear blue sea you could imagine. There were trees on the beach as well as white sands. Think absolute paradise and that’s it.

And weirdly enough that’s where the whole dream started, I was in the sea and going to shore. It was calm, no wind, blazing hot sun and just the most beautiful view of the shore. I wasn’t along I was with a small group of people and it felt like we were visiting like going on a short holiday there.

Feeling like a Tourist

As the dream continued we moved from the beach into the town which was a really short walk. Like you would go through the trees from the beach and be into the mainland where there were shops, people and a little hustle/bustle.

I’m assuming that the population was quite small because there were not many people around even though this was where the main activity was.

Our group explored the town and there were medium sized buildings (I can’t quite picture the architecture although I believe there were temple/church like structures too).

Language & Communication

I got quite specific details about the language which again I felt was super obscure although I have had details of language before in other dreams.

I got that the name for their language was called “Narrish” and it had more spoken that written letters which made it confusing to read. In the situation I got this I was in a shop and a man was attending to us, as we conversed (I don’t know how?) he was explaining that you could hear more language spoken than they could write. As in they didn’t have ways to write everything they spoke. I told you this dream was super obscure!

Another thing to make their communication more complicated was that different sounds meant different words, so you could say the same word many different ways with different sounds and it meant different things (I’m trying to think if there’s any examples in English of this but I can’t think of any right now).

The final bit of information I got about their communication was about their faces. They painted white symbols on their faces which also altered their expression and changed the context of the communication. It’s super hard to explain but I remember vividly seeing the native people’s faces being painted white and that this was used for communication. I should also mention that the natives were mostly dark skinned, in between African and Turkish.

The written language was really similar to Turkish too, which I remember saying in my dream however I actually have no idea what the Turkish language looks like! I did a google search just now and I can confirm that I was 100% right in my dream – it does look very similar!

Other Details

As the dream went on there were other smaller details that I’ll touch upon now.

At one point I saw other tourists walking around and the females in particular had to wear masks on their faces which was super odd. I knew from the fact that they had lighter skin on their bodies that they were visiting as well as just getting the vibe they were.

At the time where I was looking at the land from above, I got the kind of structure of their transport system. The map I could see had details of their roads and what seemed like a train or public transport route. I don’t really feel like we can compare it to what we have here now and I am only remembering this dream through the lens of this life. But there were definitely “stations” that this transport system had and the symbol for it on the map was really similar to the London Underground it was a circular ring with nothing in the centre and the top half was green and bottom half blue (I feel like orange was in there too but this part is fuzzy). You could argue that a lot of my own images of this life are starting to seep into this dream and you could be right because what frame of reference would I have to bring back this information from a dream, it could well be that I’m influencing what I saw but to me that doesn’t taint the experience. Even if my mind is filling in the gaps with references, the experience itself was very real! I was really there in some life or another ๐Ÿ™‚

The final little details from the dream were that we stayed overnight at a hotel and I don’t remember us being there for long. It was a short trip and the hotel rooms didn’t have locks on the doors and they were decorated very Moroccan/Turkish/that kind of style (if you get what I mean). Each room and each floor was very unique. I felt like we were a young group visiting, like a bunch of late teens/early 20s even though those ages are probably not accurate, it’s just the feeling that I got we were young.


I think that concludes all the information I can remember for now. It’s certainly all I wrote down! It was a nice surprise to get such vivid details about their language and communication as well as certain visuals of the land and map (I should also mention when I was looking at the map as I scanned to other parts of the world I “zoomed” in on them and could see their buildings/structures/climate to compare with Nogoku. These places are blurry in my minds eye right now which is why I won’t try and remember too hard and potentially make up more than I can actually recall.

Whether it was a past life (I’m feeling it was) or something else, it was certainly fun and cool. Do I have Jason Stephenson to thank? Maybe, either way his meditations knock me out so THANK YOU Jason for that (I say as if he’s reading this).


2 thoughts on “A Dream about the land of Nogoku

  1. Thanks for your vivid description. I felt harmony and peace combined with bewilderment and hope.
    I befan listening to your podcast recently. I believed to be Sirius starseeded with a fascination with crystals. I incorporate them into my personal jewelry but my use of them is rudimentary. Hope to experience a download to help me understand them. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Juan for your comment! I’m so pleased this resonated with you. It’s a great time at the moment to receive some downloads and information, right in the Lion’s gate! All the best, Steve


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