Trains in the Sea and another voice?

I’ve had so many more lucid dreams recently, there’s definitely an energetic shift occurring right now because my dream activity is through the roof!

Last night I had a dream that I was in a place that I felt like was New Zealand, which is weird because I’ve never been to New Zealand.

The place was super green and it was by the Ocean, the roads were wide and weirdly enough I was saying in my head that the road signs were just like Britain. I was comparing the two places and seeing the similarities.

Even though I was calling it New Zealand, it didn’t feel like the actual New Zealand on this planet and time. Anyway I was walking around and soaking up the bright sunlight, it felt really peaceful. Even though there were wide roads, there was no traffic.

At one point in the dream my attention was drawn to the sun and there was an eclipse happening. Only this eclipse was different in that the moon was passing in front of the sun but higher up (not through the middle). If you imagine the bottom of the sun still poking through the darkness it was like that. It was super weird but pretty cool and I remember other people being there also.

Another part of the dream I remember vividly was riding a train along the ocean. The structure for the tracks and all the “metal” braces went deep into the ocean and so the train could run about 5-6 feet above the water. I don’t remember the inside of the train but only the sensation of travelling fast along the water and looking out the window.

This is the second time I’ve seen this train system. I saw it in another dream where I was on another planet which was super technological and advanced. In that dream I was watching the trains at a distance and so this time I was “on the ground” riding one. Whether this was the same planet I am assuming so.

It’s also the first time I have visited potentially the same planet twice. All of the dreams I have are effectively “one offs”, I don’t revisit the same beings or places.

I got the feeling I was there to do a job, I was there for work. I felt happy, content, not struggling at all. It was quite peaceful but I did feel a reason to be there.

Randomly, in another part of the dream, I was performing. Whether it was in this place or another I was definitely dancing and performing for people. I remember doing dance steps and this is literally what I wrote down when I remembered them “tap spring, step ball change, ball change, woof”.

Yes you read that right.

Woof. 🐶

What the bloody heck is that all about hahahaha. The rest makes sense but woof? Was I making people (or myself) laugh? It’s nuts and I don’t understand it but it was hilarious to remember.

Anyway when I started to wake up, I had a separate experience.

I was in between full dream state and waking when I became aware of 2 voices, one more prominent than the other. They felt in the upper left part of my head. Like If you were to place your hand about a foot away from my head on the left hand side that’s where it came from. These voices were talking about me, saying “how well he was doing” and that “he was being shown things”.

It was like a discussion I was over hearing. What was even more crazy was that I was hearing it in my voice, but it wasn’t me. In fact when I started to become aware of it, the voices stopped. As I introduced my conscious mind into the situation I couldn’t “recreate” the experience or emulate the voice. Then I could feel myself waking up and then it all faded away.

There you have it, another weird and wonderful experience!

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