Broken Sleep & Haunted Mansion?

Last night I had another dream but this one was a little “freakier” it wasn’t quite as pleasant as the others but wasn’t scary either.

It was about 4:20am when I woke up and I struggled to get back to sleep. Isn’t it funny when you’re awake in the early hours you’re in such a daze you don’t really know what’s going on. I drifted in and out of sleep until the morning and so only flashes of this dream are still in my head.

I was buying a house from a family and they wanted out fast. It was quite a big plot of land and I can picture the house from the front at a distance still in my head. It was detached, had an extension on the left side and a big lawn. It didn’t look very tall, almost like a bungalow.

This house had some weird feeling about it, like it was haunted. I wasn’t alone when I was in there.

One specific detail I remember from the dream was that there was a dungeon (yes this dream took a weird spin quickly, was this dungeon in the house or somewhere else? I don’t know). And there was a male prisoner inside that was chained up. I had put the prisoner in the chains and had actually not secured him to them deliberately, they were loose. I was sort of fake chaining him up and trying to hint to him that I’d done so. This was obviously so that he could escape because I remember the doors weren’t locked. He didn’t realise what I’d done and I specifically remember making eye contact with him and indicating that he was able to set himself free. Eventually he realised and when I left I heard him beginning to make his escape.

I feel like this was another life dream, I don’t feel it was symbolic because I remember specific feelings and details. I think I’m able to tell pretty well if it’s symbolic or whether it actually happened. Now that I think about it, where this dungeon was felt more like a palace, or castle. A more modern place, not really old but also not current. Maybe 18th-19th Century.

For whatever reason I felt he was being wrongly imprisoned and was allowing him to make his escape. Now that I recall the experience, I feel a nervousness in my throat where I was worried I’d be caught for setting him free. I wonder what relevance this experience has in my life at this time?

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