Dream Gateway

The dreams I’ve been having recently haven’t been “worthy” enough in my opinion. It’s not that they haven’t been valid or important, maybe just not as profound as other ones I’ve had in the past. I guess there’s a lot going on in my life right now that means it’s not time to take on much more cosmic information.

This one dream that I wanted to put down started off as a symbolic dream. Lauren and I were looking around a house that we were interested in buying (we’re looking at buying in real life). We were walking around and looking at all the rooms. I can’t remember any specific details about the house (other than it wasn’t that great haha). I went into one of the bedrooms and it had an ensuite bathroom, off the bathroom was a door that led outside. That’s when the dream turned into something more..

As I opened the door there was immediately a swimming pool, as in, you step out of the room and there’s water, right up to the doorway edge. Pretty Cool huh? The whole “garden” was one giant pool that went around to the right, hugging the house as it went round. 

Again, the little details don’t matter here because it was the experience that became apparent to me. I was being shown something. 

There were lots of people in the pool, it was a massive party and I knew everyone there. I immediately jumped in the pool and started swimming around. I was excited and so happy to be there. It was like the party was for me! 

I didn’t go around talking to everyone, there were only 3 people I remember that came up to me. I won’t say who these 3 people are, but they’re friends, people that I’ve met at completely different points in my life, and not obvious people. What I mean by that is that they’re not close friends or people I’ve seen regularly. In fact one person I haven’t seen in maybe 6 years. These people were happy, smiling and also happy to be there. 

This next bit is hard to describe because I got the feeling that even though they were there, looking like I knew them. It was more of a mask they were wearing. What I was looking at was representations of their energy frequency. It was how I knew them but it’s not who they are (if that makes sense).

I imagine that this is kind of what passing over in the afterlife is, you meet people that came into your life for a reason and even though they look the same, it’s not them, it’s their energy, their soul. It’s just like people report in near death experiences seeing relatives that have passed and they look younger and healthier.

There’s no other details to add about the dream, that was pretty much it. But this experience was to show me something, to teach me that no matter how obscure the person in your life, they’re around for a reason, to impact your life in some way. And, at the end of this life, you will be grateful for everyone you meet, good or bad. 

It’s like there’s a greater plan around your life and the people in it. A plan that was agreed to by everyone in it. Now that for me, seems like a mind boggling thing, especially when you think about how many people you meet in your life time. That’s a lot of agreements! But that’s because we’re viewing things from down here, not up there 😉 

I realise now that the early part of the dream (looking at the house) was a way for me to reach this experience. My subconscious mind used what was going on in my life as a “safe zone” to segue to the pool party. I like the name “dream gateway” for this, because by using a thing that we’re all accustomed to (dreams) we can gateway into other experiences which are vital to our growth and learning. 

If you think about it, if our “higher self” or subconscious mind wanted to tell us something, the easiest way would be via dreams. It’s when we’re paying attention and listening. Dreams are the universal language of the subconscious and, because we’re taught that dreaming is okay we allow them to happen. Of course meditation can bring the same experiences and lessons forward, perhaps even more effectively. But how engrained is meditation in our society? Not so much just yet.

Anyway that’s it for this post, till next time!

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