Telos Beings, Intuitive Communication and Emotional Telepathy

Telos Beings

Last Wednesday I went to my good friend Olga’s for a workshop. She holds them roughly every 2 weeks and she creates a great space for us to practice our intuition and communication with guides/teams/ourself. The room is packed with crystals and so the whole energy of the room is buzzing. I always get a lot from the workshops and even though I have no expectations going in, I always leave feeling like I got a lot from it (also a little exhausted).

This week Olga’s aim was to help us communicate with Telos beings. One way to describe these beings would be “Earth Keepers”, although that’s not entirely accurate. They exist on a slightly higher dimensional frequency to us and their purpose is to heal Planet Earth and help it evolve.

Because they are not too far away from us, in terms of frequency, they are not too difficult to communicate with. This was one of the reasons Olga decided to structure the workshop around working with them.

After a few visual meditation exercises, all 3 of us that were there (excluding Olga) could validate similar visuals in terms of their appearance and the messages they were communicating to us. It was a bit freaky to hear 2 other people describe exactly what you saw when you’d not even said anything and even specific messages and dates coming forward. It was extremely validating which kind of meant you couldn’t think you were crazy (ha!)

We all agreed that they presented us with a visual of their right eye over our right eye and it was that corner of their face. They have triangle-ish shaped heads (similar to an ant’s head shape but not quite as harsh angled). Their eyes were pure black, were very narrow and slightly tilted. I saw them as very thin and quite short. A couple of us had similar visuals of them being a bit “swamp thing” like – somewhat fused with nature – a physical depiction of their connection with Earth.

Emotional Telepathy

Anyway, moving onto the main topic of this blog post, one of the times we established a communication with them we were told to ask them about a specific topic. It could have been anything, their appearance, what they ate (if anything), where they lived etc. I chose to ask them about communication. Being of a higher frequency, their form of communication was telepathy that operated as a hive mind. When one felt something, they all did. I wanted to specifically enquire as to how they learnt telepathy and what was the process in developing that method of communication. I was surprised and impressed at their description which I’ll include below.

It starts with speaking up about our emotions – so saying how we feel. So often we don’t openly communicate how something is making us feel. In the past I’ve tended to keep my mouth shut and just plough on. The more we can say honestly how we’re feeling emotionally, not with any ulterior motive or form of manipulation, just honestly from the heart. Then that’s step one.

If the emotions are communicated in a calm, compassionate way with the intention to educate the other person then the message is more likely to be understood by the other person. This is key, if it is portrayed in such a way that it is understood and accepted by the other party then a communication channel is open.

It’s almost as if we begin to educate our (for example) partner into the way our hearts work. What things make us happy, what things make us sad, what things trigger emotions and how we operate on an emotional level. If both parties start to understand and accept these emotions then that line of communication between the two is opened. The more we educate each other, the wider the channel. We create a “bondness” (is that a word?) which dials us into the other’s heart frequency. If you want to think of it like a radio tuning in, by speaking our hearts language we are broadcasting the signal to the other person and when it’s accepted, their heart tunes into our radio station and vice versa.

Over time we will start to pick up on the way the other person is feeling (maybe you’ve already reached this stage with your partner, this is because your hearts and in communication). You start to “sense” even if you’re not in the same room, that somethings wrong – your hearts are connected.

This is a form of emotional language that can be likened with Telepathy. Communicating through emotions is a much purer way of communicating that with language as language can be misunderstood. However, language is naturally important as it provides a bridge to the emotional language.

The more we are able to do this with other people, the more we practice how to “speak” this language. It’s just like learning to talk but in a completely new and ultimately vulnerable way. After all, the reason we don’t say how we’re feeling is because we’re afraid to get hurt or hurt others. Revealing our emotions and the blockages around this is the first hurdle.

When our hearts and dialled in and we speak with emotion without fear and it is understood without judgement, that’s when we start to get closer to emotional telepathy. That was their message and that was their advice on the topic. I found it truly fascinating!

Becoming “Earthtriotic”

We all got a message from them about the Earth and how the particular time in this civilisation is all about looking after our Planet and help clean it up.

We are more conscious than ever about the environment and we are seeing that in the media constantly – the plastic problem, changes in diet, renewable energies etc. This movement is massively influenced by them and even though we are sort of getting the message, it’s not happening quick enough. I think we can all agree that we could be doing more and reducing our effect on the Planet. It is accelerating too, I would say the last 2 years have seen a massive momentum build in looking after our home and big companies are almost in competition to be seen as the most “green” when it comes to their products.

I specifically got the message that in the same way as some is proud to be British, all humans should be proud to be from Earth.

We have the word “Patriotic” to describe this and they gave me the word “Earthtriotic” Proud to be an Earthling.

There was real love from these beings and even though there is a lot to be done, we are heading down the right path in terms of healing our Planet. She is a living being and is in need of help. The good thing is we are aware of it and making changes. It could be happening quicker but the momentum is building. And with their assistance, we will continue to move towards transforming our Planet into one of even more beauty than it already is.


2 thoughts on “Telos Beings, Intuitive Communication and Emotional Telepathy

  1. Hello, are you still doing the podcast or have you stopped podcasting? I came upon you and am riveted. Let me know. Thanks


    1. Hi Linda, we haven’t done any for a little while! We have a couple recorded from a few months ago which are still to be edited. Then we need to get together and record some more. It’s our intention to keep them going. Really pleased you visited the blog and liked it!


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